Westbrass WM33S 1/3 HP Food Waste Disposal

Westbrass WM33S



Durability and affordability are two traits that don’t often go side by side. But the Westbrass WM33S 1/3 HP Food Waste Disposal stretches this limit by providing you both at the same time.


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Normally, we couldn’t expect a long-lasting service from any product that comes at an entry level price. It’s just not the way these industries work. If you want a tough and durable performance, you have to pay higher, or else you’d get a product that would serve you for a couple of years tops.

And while garbage disposals are not exempted from this, you could be sure that there are some great units out there that break the standard rules by giving you a one-of-a-kind service. An example of this would be the Westbrass WM33s 1/3 HP Food Waste Disposal. It wouldn’t ask you to break the bank just to provide you with a tough and durable performance. And on this review we will explore exactly how it does this trick. Let’s have a closer look:

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Would you believe that for a price of a little over $60 dollars, you could get a disposer that has a stainless steel construction? That material is often used for the stronger kinds of garbage disposal units that are reserved for more heavy-duty grinding jobs.

This material is arguably the toughest one you could use for a disposer, because it doesn’t corrode easily. If you want to ensure that a certain model can give you a long-lasting service, go with the one that is made of stainless steel.

The 1/3 HP permanent magnet LiquiDator motor has a 1,925 RPM. That moves so quickly that it nearly liquefies food waste. Of course, there are faster and more efficient motors, but this one also does the job well.


This Food Waste Disposal may be rough and tough, but that doesn’t mean it will disrupt your daily kitchen conversations with its pointless ‘battle cries’. That’s because it employs a SoundMaster noise reduction system that ensures a quiet operation. It may not be completely noiseless, but it is slightly quieter than the other units that don’t make use of a noise reduction system at all.

Other than that it does not boast a lot of additional features. It doesn’t try to boost its appeal in any other way than by providing you what you need and promising that it will do the job well. Sometimes that’s all we need, right?



The reason you will want to go for this Food Waste Disposal is its unbelievable price of currently a little over $60 dollars. And while affordability is a common trait among garbage disposal units at this level of power. Not all of them can promise to be as durable as the Westbrass WM33S. The real reason why this unit is so affordable is because it can last for a long time if you don’t force it to grind up food chunks that are too hard for its motor. That said, you should go for this Food Waste Disposal model if you want something that will work well without making a hole in your pockets.


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  • Manufacturer Part Number – WM33S
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  • Style / Application – WasteMaster
Brand: Westbrass
Manufacturer: Westbrass
List Price ON AMAZON: $62.00 USD
New Price on Amazon $62.00 USD

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