WasteMaid Garbage Disposal, 158 Standard 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer

Waste Maid 158



The Waste Maid 158 Standard is a stainless steel beauty that offers a rough and tough performance that lets you power through hard chunks of food effortlessly. Being affordable and efficient at the same time makes this model one that you shouldn’t pass up on.


Energy efficiency3.7



If you are in need of a garbage disposal unit that you can introduce to your kitchen, but don’t want to make the mistake of wasting money on a poorly-designed one, then you’ve probably already done some research about all the greatest examples out there in the market. You may already have heard of Waste Maid.

This company is similar to Waste King, and not just because their names are slightly alike. They both have a knack for creating impressive disposers. Today we are going to focus on one of Waste Maid’s most efficient creations, the WasteMaid Garbage Disposal 158 Standard. Here we will discuss all of the things that make it great, and why you should consider spending your hard-earned cash on it.

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BASIC FUNCTIONS OF WasteMaid Garbage Disposal

Waste Maid may sound like a gentle name for a company that’s supposed to produce grinding machines, but their 158 Standard model offers a service that is far from being ‘gentle.’

For starters it runs on a 1/2 HP motor, meaning it can handle a few chunks of food waste that are too hard for 1/3 HP motors to process. It’s not the strongest horsepower available in the market, but it is certainly not the weakest either.

This WasteMaid Garbage Disposal is just as hardcore as any other disposer out there, providing an effective shredding service by incorporating a speed of 2,600 RPM with its performance. This speed is reached effortlessly, all thanks to the unit’s TorqueMaster feature. The tremendous speed, coupled by the powerful motor makes this disposal unit a wonderful choice.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES OF WasteMaid Garbage Disposal

As if the speed and power weren’t enough to make this disposer impressive, WasteMaid also made sure to give it a healthy dose of extra durability. Of course, this is to ensure that the model would last for a long time, so that you wouldn’t have to buy a replacement anytime soon.

Every single one of the grinding components within this machine is made of stainless steel. This assures you that it will not corrode over time, allowing you to enjoy its services for prolonged periods. Also, stainless steel is more durable than galvanized steel, so this unit is already tougher than disposal units that utilize the latter.

Next on its list of additional benefits is the so-called Bio-Shield feature. This one prevents odor from building up by keeping bacteria away from the inner components. Who would want a stinky sink?

Lastly, a three year warranty ensures that the model is replaced when proven defective.


PROS AND CONS OF WasteMaid Garbage Disposal

This beauty wraps up all of those nifty features and presents them to you in a nice, affordable package. It currently comes at a price of a little over $60 dollars – almost the same as a few 1/3 HP models. This is a really good price for something so efficient.

In fact, it continues to receive nothing but praise from online reviewers. There aren’t a lot of noticeable disadvantages when it comes to thisWasteMaid Garbage Disposal , so it is definitely worth a look.


  • 1/2 horse power standard model
  • Bio-Shield-exclusive anti-microbial and odor protection
  • TorqueMaster-high torque and balanced grinding system at 2600 RPM
  • All stainless steel grinding components
  • 3 year warranty
Brand: Waste Maid
Manufacturer: Waste Maid
Warranty: 3 Years
List Price ON AMAZON: $71.49 USD
New Price on Amazon $71.49 USD

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