Waste Maid 458 Deluxe 3/4 HP Food Waste Disposer

Waste Maid 458



The Waste Maid 458 Deluxe is an affordable model that breaks down all the barriers in terms of service and performance. From its powerful motor to its anti-bacterial protection, this model deserves its spot as one of the best 3/4 HP disposers out there.


Energy efficiency4.2



How do you know if a product comes at a high quality? Well, to answer this question, we usually inspect three simple criteria: is it effective? Is it affordable? Does it give you a lot of additional features?

For garbage disposal units, you can tell that one model is great if it answers yes to at least two of these questions. You will know that a disposer is of exceptional quality if it offers a combination of all three.

Sadly, those ‘exceptional’ units aren’t so easy to identify, because of fierce competition in the market these days.

But the good news is we have one particular example that we plan on introducing you to. Its name is Waste Maid 458 Deluxe 3/4 HP Food Waste Disposer.

We all want a high-powered disposer that is durable, affordable, and efficient – and this disposer delivers all that.

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Having a high-powered 3/4 HP permanent magnet motor at the heart of its system, this unit can definitely grind even the hard bits of food waste. And the ‘deluxe’ part of its name isn’t just for show; it actually represents the fine performance that this disposer does.

It has a capacity of 32 ounces, so that should be enough space to place all of those troublesome chunks of waste. Also, this Food Waste Disposer is a continuous feed disposer, so you can just keep the food bits coming. It will have no trouble shredding them up with ease.

It does a fine job of cutting up food waste because of the Torque Master feature, which essentially grants this model a high torque capability, which reaches speeds of up to 2,700 RPM. No piece of waste can possibly survive from this one.

And with a stainless steel set of grinding components taking charge at the very core, this unit not only assures a strong grinding performance, but also a long-lasting service.


If you thought the grinding action alone was impressive enough, wait ‘til you hear the other great features that this baby has in store for you.

The first one is called a ‘Bio-Shield anti-microbial protection’ that basically prevents odor from forming within the unit’s inner workings. This is done by stopping bacteria build-up, so that your sink won’t reek of foul smells.

It also has a special function known as the Silver Guard protection that is located near the chamber. This one serves to prevent your metal possessions such as rings and cutlery from falling down your sink. Instead of having the powerful blades shred your jewelry to bits, it uses magnets to stop all metal objects from coming down, so that you may retrieve them.

Lastly, this disposer is backed by a 10-year warranty.



You would be lead to believe that this entire setup can only come expensively, but don’t be mistaken: this Food Waste Disposer currently costs less than $110 dollars. As if the performance wasn’t enough to topple even the strongest competitors, this model even beats the other disposers at the price battle.

Is it so hard to believe that this Food Waste Disposer is receiving nothing but praise from reviewers everywhere?


  • 3/4 HP deluxe -finest grind
  • Bio-Shield-exclusive anti-microbial and odor protection
  • TorqueMaster-high torque and balanced grinding system at 2600 RPM
  • All stainless steel grinding components
  • 10 year warranty
Brand: Waste Maid
Manufacturer: Waste Maid
Warranty: 10 Years
List Price ON AMAZON: $120.79 USD
New Price on Amazon $120.79 USD

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