Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower

Waste King L-8000



There’s no wonder that the Waste King L-8000 is a best seller for many online shopping sites. It has the perfect balance of price and power, and it will definitely please any homeowner.


Energy efficiency3.6



So your old garbage disposal unit broke down and you need to find a replacement quickly. You realize that your old one was unable to handle the tough bits of food, and that lead to its eventual destruction.

For the ‘quick replacement’ factor, you will need something affordable so you can buy it sooner. But you will also need something powerful enough to grind through hard chunks of food waste.

Unfortunately, ‘Power’ and ‘Price’ don’t always go hand in hand in this business. Especially with the regular units, you will often have to choose one over the other…except of course, you are familiar with disposers such as the Waste King L-8000.

This Waste King L-8000 is the ultimate combination of those two winning factors. So why don’t we take the time to read this article and learn more about the impressive model? You might just discover that it’s the replacement you have been looking for.

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There’s a reason why this Waste King L-8000 model is one of the most-trusted and most loved disposers of consumers all over the globe. There’s also a reason why this is one of the best selling units.

It most likely has something to do with its incredibly strong 1 HP motor.

People choose this Waste King L-8000 model frequently, not only because they trust Waste King as a brand, but also because it is pretty efficient, especially if you want a disposer that can handle regular usage.

This one pairs its 1 HP motor with a speed of 2,800 RPM. That’s plenty of speed to grind food waste with. This combination allows for the great reputation that both the company and the unit have.

It also assures a strong, long-lasting service. What use is a tough grinding ability if your disposer will break down due to corrosion? The insulated grinding components within this unit are made of stainless steel. From that alone, you can tell that it is more durable than products that used galvanized steel.


The grinding components aren’t the only ones made of stainless steel. The swivel impellers within this unit are also made of the same strong material. It also serves to reduce the possibility of jamming.

The powerful motor alone tears food waste apart, so there really aren’t a lot of things that could fall into your sink and jam it.

For your convenience, it also comes with a removable splash guard. This makes it easier to clean and maintain.

That’s just the beginning for this Waste King L-8000 model, because its components also reduce the motor’s noise as well as prevent corrosion and rusting.


The strength and durability of this outstanding disposer is given a proper highlight because of the interestingly low price. Its silent and efficient performance is neatly packaged with a current price of less than $210 dollars (See below the current price for today: New price on Amazon).

You’ll find yourself hailing the ‘king’ (in this case, the Waste King) when you get yourself your very own Waste King L-8000.

It is reasonably sized, so you just have to make sure you have enough space under your sink in order to fit this in. Other than that, you are good to go with this Waste King L-8000 disposer.

Brand: Waste King
Manufacturer: Waste King
Warranty: LIFETIME In-Home Warranty
List Price ON AMAZON: $170.09 USD
New Price on Amazon $98.71 USD

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