Waste King Garbage Disposal 1500-1, 1.5 HP Commercial Food Waste Disposer

Waste King 1500



The key to choosing between the Waste King 1500-1 and the 2000-1 is to identify what is your main priority: is it price or power? Go for the 1500-1 if you need something slightly more affordable for your commercial establishment.


Energy efficiency4.5



Commercial establishments are often busier and are in need of constant support. Businesses that sell food require their tools and appliances to work at optimal levels, so as to keep the customers coming.

These establishments need powerful garbage disposal units to back them up. They need high-powered machines that will turn food waste into mush, so that operations will flow smoothly.

Now if you have heard of the manufacturing company Waste King, you’ve probably already learned of their flair for designing and creating great disposers. They have entries for every possible motor power available, readily competing with other brands in order to claim the top spot, or in this case, the figurative throne within the consumers’ minds.

Waste King fights for power in the commercial food waste disposer battle field with the Waste King Garbage Disposal 2000-1 model. If you are familiar with this model, then you surely know how powerful it is, and how pricey it can be.

So in order to finally seal the deal, Waste King decided to create a near-replica of this model, except as a slightly less expensive version.

Meet the Waste King Garbage Disposal 1500-1 1/5 HP Commercial Food Waste Disposer.

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In terms of functionality, this is almost completely identical to the 2000-1 unit. They both operate at a decent speed of 1,725, meaning this can keep up with its stronger brother in terms of quickness.

However, as previously mentioned, this model is slightly weaker than the other. This disposer only uses a 1.5 HP motor, whereas the 2000-1 makes use of 2 HP.

That seems to serve as the tradeoff for giving you a more affordable model. We’ll be talking about its price later on.

Come to think of it, 1.5 HP is not a bad power level to have. If your standard 1 HP disposers can shred even the toughest of food chunks, then this slightly more powerful model should do an even better job!


Just like its brother, the Waste King Garbage Disposal 1500-1 does not boast a lot of flashy bonus features. Instead it catches your attention by being effective and affordable at the same time.

This does come with a permanently lubricated bearing, which allows for a smoother operation. Like the 2000-1, it also has a dynamically balanced turntable that contributes to the smoothness factor.

Lastly, the motor within the machine is fan cooled, so this should help to prevent overheating. This is a huge advantage, knowing that you will be using this commercial disposer more frequently than you would with a regular model.


What really sets the 1500-1 apart from the 2000-1 is that it is slightly more affordable. The former currently costs almost $1,500 dollars (See below the current price for today: New price on Amazon), while the latter almost reaches $2,000 dollars. That’s $500 dollars less for a 1.5 HP disposer.

That considered, you wouldn’t normally buy a commercial garbage disposal unit if you don’t think you will be using it regularly. For a commercial unit, this is a pretty decent price tag.


  • Single phase
  • 1725 RPM
  • Bearing permanently lubricated
  • Dynamically balanced turntable for smooth operation
  • Fan cooled motor
Brand: Waste King
Manufacturer: Anaheim Manufacturing Company
Warranty: 14 month warranty, parts and labor
List Price ON AMAZON: $1,977.66 USD
New Price on Amazon $1,933.26 USD

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