Waste King Disposal 2000-1 2 HP Commercial Food Waste Disposer

Waste King Disposal 2000-1



If your commercial establishment needs a high-powered grinding service, then you must consider the Waste King 2000-1, as it delivers exactly that. Its 2 HP motor can definitely get the job done.


Energy efficiency4.8



The most expensive garbage disposal units out there in the market are commercial ones. Those are the models you turn to if you need a more high-powered service that simple units just can’t provide. Commercial disposers are also perfect for when you plan on using it regularly, and especially if you run a business establishment like a restaurant.

Now if you need this kind of service, you are going to have to pay a little bit higher than an ordinary household owner would.

After all, commercial garbage disposal units mean serious business, and they would perform at peak condition all the time. This is no longer a matter of durability and affordability. We all expect our commercial-level units to have all that and more.

If you are ready to experience this high quality grinding service, then we should start by introducing you to the Waste King Disposal 2000-1 2 HP Commercial Food Waste Disposer.

This is one of the best examples out there, and on this guide we will learn more about what truly makes it great.

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Unlike the regular kinds of disposers that you’ll find in the market should you ever go out to find one, this Waste King Disposal unit is extremely powerful. It runs on a 2 HP motor, effectively doubling the grinding power of the strongest household disposers in the market.

So if you really need to shred those bits of food like it’s nobody’s business, then you should go for this one. The purpose of it is to serve commercial establishments.

Another thing to note is that it can reach a speed of 1,725 RPM. It’s not exactly the fastest shredding machine ever, but it more than makes up for it with its incredible power.

It works as a single phase unit, meaning the food waste directly goes into one level of shredding, and then moves into your pipes. It does not need to have multiple stages of grinding because it works efficiently enough, even in just one pass.


This Waste King Disposal is pretty straightforward: it will grind up your food waste and pulverize it, so that it will go through your pipes without clogging. It’s as simple as that.

With that said, it does not offer a lot of flashy bonus features. It will not try to distract you with fancy additional functions just to get you interested because it is pretty confident that it will do the job well once you install it in your commercial establishment.

It is worth mentioning though that the motor is cooled by a fan so that it won’t ever overheat. The bearings are also permanently lubricated, so things run smoothly all the time.

And speaking of which, the dynamically-balanced turntable within the machine assures a smooth operation.


This is a great choice for commercial establishments. So you must absolutely not buy this Waste King Disposal if you only plan on using it for your apartment unit or condo. It is made for bigger-scale performances.

You also wouldn’t want to spend almost $2,000 dollars on this model (See below the current price for today: New price on Amazon), if a weaker (and less expensive) one can do the job.

There’s no need to be surprised that it costs plenty, because it also serves plenty.


  • HIGH SPEED MOTOR: 2 HP, 1725 RPM Commercial Garbage Disposal with dual voltage
  • RUST RESISTANT: Stainless steel grind chamber
  • EXTRA CUTTING POWER: Three Stainless Steel Undercutter Blades located beneath the grind ring snips fibrous and stringy waste into small particles
  • SOUND INSULATION: Hush Cushion isolates the unit from metal to metal contact significantly reducing noise level
  • JAMS LESS: Two Anti-Jam Swivel Impellers rotate out of the way of an impending jam
Brand: Waste King
Manufacturer: Anaheim Manufacturing Company
Warranty: 16 month warranty, parts and labor
List Price ON AMAZON: $1,797.75 USD
New Price on Amazon $1,614.38 USD

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