Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

Waste King A1SPC Knight



With the help of its strong motor and a quiet performance, the Waste King A1SPC Knight saves you from your everyday food waste dilemma.


Energy efficiency4.5



Except for children, romantics, and avid fans of Disney movies, nobody really believes in the possibility of meeting a ‘knight in shining armor’ in real life.

But since we’re being skeptical here, we might as well introduce you to the garbage disposal unit that will serve as the ‘knight in shining armor’ of your kitchen. If you can’t have a real person to stand as this heroic figure, well at least you can still have a disposer that will save you from the villainous deeds of pesky food waste.

The Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal is a highly effective unit that will easily make itself comfortable under your sink as soon as you install it.

It does not require broad swords and a noble steed. It will grind up food waste with an effective shredding system that will leave you breathless.

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For a knight to be efficient in battle, he must be strong. This disposer proves its strength by giving you a 1 HP motor that can win against most chunks of food waste – even the toughest ones!

So if you are dissatisfied by your 1/3 HP and 1/2 HP unit’s inability to take down these hard bits of food, then you must go for something strong like the Waste King A1SPC Knight.

This Waste King A1SPC Knight complements its strength with a high-speed, 2,700 RPM performance that allows it to swiftly get the job done.

It is so powerful that the manufacturers boast it does not require multiple stages of grinding. The motor powers through the waste, pulverizing it in just one pass.

It operates as a continuous feed disposal, which means you can add more waste into the machine while it runs. The stainless steel swivel impellers reduce jamming, allowing you to keep the heat on while the war continues. The results are always the same with this model – you will always come out victorious.


An admirable knight is a man of action rather than words. In this case, this machine operates quietly. You would think that a powerful model couldn’t possibly reduce the noise, but this disposer disproves that thought.

It makes use of an exclusive feature known as Silencer technology to reduce the noise. This is a common trend for high-powered motors, which is why you would often find models that are quieter than their weaker counterparts. This Waste King A1SPC Knight in particular utilizes the same material used to sound-proof music studios.

Additionally, this is very easy to install, thanks to the Snap and Lock Mount feature that allows you to easily replace your existing disposers.

You are also given extra reassurance by the manufacturers that it will serve you for a long time, through the lifetime in-home warranty against corrosion, and limited mechanical warranty.



There are a lot of advantages to be gained from simply buying this Waste King A1SPC Knight model, and the reviews provide proof of that. The one thing that is truly amazing about this disposer is that it goes for a little over $160 dollars (See below the current price for today: New price on Amazon). This is definitely a great choice if you want something high-powered without having to spend a lot.


  • Exclusive Silencer Technology, same material used to sound-proof music studios
  • New Snap and Lock Mount easily replaces most existing disposers
  • 2700 RPM Motor smashes through toughest waste with ease
  • No multi-stage chambers needed, Motor powers through waste in one pulverizing pass
Brand: Waste King
Manufacturer: Waste King
Warranty: Lifetime
List Price ON AMAZON: $163.02 USD
New Price on Amazon $159.97 USD

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