KitchenAid Garbage Disposal KCDS100T 1 HP Continuous Feed Food Waste Disposer

KitchenAid Garbage Disposal KCDS100T



In terms of strength, few can compare to the KitchenAid KCDS100T’s prowess. Heavy-duty shredding jobs need heavy-duty mechanical power in order to be accomplished, and this unit gives you exactly that.


Energy efficiency4.8



Some homeowners plan on buying a garbage disposal unit to use it conservatively. They have a few food chunks to toss out through the sink every now and then, and they need a grinding machine that will help prevent plumbing problems. These homeowners won’t even use their disposers on a daily basis, but rather only when the need arises.

If you are not this kind of homeowner and you are in need of heavy duty shredding power, then go for a model that has 1 HP or higher. These machines power through the most stubborn of food waste, so as to allow it to pass safely through your pipes. Say goodbye to clogged drains forever.

One recommended example would be the KitchenAid Garbage Disposal KCDS100T, which as its manufacturer’s name suggests, will serve as your kitchen aid from the moment you purchase it.

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BASIC FUNCTIONS OF KitchenAid Garbage Disposal

The motor runs at 1 HP, meaning it is far more powerful than models of 1/3 and 1/2 HP. It can also handle the jobs that disposers of 3/4 HP find too difficult.

It rotates at 1,725 RPM, which isn’t the fastest speed available in the market, but is quite quick nonetheless. This speed and power combination allows for an effective food waste grinding.

If you feel you’re going to need great power every day, then this is the way to go.

The KitchenAid garbage disposal also allows for continuous feeding, meaning you can finish tasks a lot faster than usual. Instead of having to wait for it to shred the bits of food, you can just go ahead and add some more without causing jamming.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES OF KitchenAid Garbage Disposal

Just because it is strong doesn’t mean we are going to ignore the additional features that further boost its appeal.

For example, this KitchenAid garbage disposal uses a Sound seal technology, which like other noise reduction features works to keep the whole grinding process quiet. This is perfect for those moments wherein you have to grind hard food bits. Instead of blaring out with mechanical noises, this unit does the opposite. It tries to suppress every sound from within the grinding components, in order to keep the peaceful atmosphere of your home.


PROS AND CONS OF KitchenAid Garbage Disposal

If power is what you are after, and you want your garbage disposal units tough, then this is a great place to start. This should at least set the standard for what kind of 1 HP disposer you are aiming for.

The only real disadvantage here is that it is more expensive than its 1/3 HP and 1/2 HP counterparts. Of course, this comes with all of them.

Right now, it costs a bit less $310 dollars, making it a tad bit too expensive for the regular homeowner.

It is also a bit larger than your regular disposers, so make sure you have enough space under the sink to put it in.


  • Continuous feed allows for quick cleanup after meals. The technology helps reduce noise levels by up to 60 percent compared to other standard disposers
  • Motor rotates at 1725 rpm for effective grinding
  • Sound seal plus technology makes the disposer quiet even when grinding hard or stingy food
  • 1 horsepower motor
Brand: KitchenAid
Manufacturer: Standard Plumbing Supply
List Price ON AMAZON: $324.00 USD
New Price on Amazon $324.00 USD

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