GE GFC720V 3/4 Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposall Super Capacity Food Waste Disposer

General Electric GFC720V



“Too good to be true” is the best way to describe the General Electric GFC720V. But its ‘super speed’ 3/4 HP motor and affordable price serve as proof that it is indeed real.


Energy efficiency4.1



Some products just seem too good to be true at first glance. Smart consumers know how to inspect an item’s specifications, so they know exactly what they are buying. They are not fooled by fancy words whipped up by advertisers just to make a sale.

But when the product comes from a company that you can trust, you can’t help but warm up to it a bit.

You look more closely at the reviews and realize everyone is impressed by this said product. Could it be possible that you’ve found an item that is truly outstanding?

In terms of garbage disposal units, the General Electric GFC720V 3/4 HP Deluxe achieves that same “too good to be true” status. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We will explore the ins and outs of this model, so that you can prove to yourself that it is worth a try.

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The star of this GFC720V unit’s impressive performance is its 3/4 HP motor. If you think you will be using the disposer on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to go for a strong unit such as this one. With this, you wouldn’t have to bother identifying which food chunks are not supposed to go down your sink.

It also has a ‘super speed’ grinding performance. At first you may think that’s an exaggeration, but this GFC720V disposer can literally reach a speed of over 3,000 RPM. According to an RPM test, it can go up to 3,100 RPM! Take note that some units can barely reach 2,000, so this one is definitely exceptional.

With that speed alone, it can pulverize even the more stubborn chunks of food waste.

Not to mention that it is a continuous feed disposer, which means you can continue dropping food waste into the grinding chamber while it works its magic on the previous bits of food. Talk about time-saving efficiency.

Lastly, this is one highly durable model, owing to the fact that most components, including the anti-swivel blades are made of stainless steel.


This GFC720V Garbage Disposal does not boast a lot of additional features, but it does come with a removable splash guard for easy cleaning.

The grinding blades also come with an anti-jam feature, which only assures a smoother performance.

Lastly, the EZ Mount installation feature makes it extremely easy to install. Even without plumbing experience, you can most likely hook this one up to your sink all by yourself.

That’s all the bonus features you can possibly need, right?



In spite of all the advantages mentioned earlier, the biggest benefit that this GFC720V Garbage Disposal gives you is that it is currently priced at under $130 dollars. That is so much more affordable than the other 3/4 HP disposers.

There have been some complaints about the model’s durability, wherein users say it broke down after a few years or so, but these cases are few.


  • Heavy duty 3/4 horsepower permanent magnet motor
  • Over 3100 RPM grinding action (based on RPM testing of cleared GE and competitive models)
  • Super capacity with stainless turntable, direct wire power connection
  • EZ Mount installation with removable splash guard and stopper included
  • Stainless steel, dual-swivel, anti-jam grinding blades
Brand: GE
Manufacturer: General Electric
Warranty: 1-year limited replacement plus 4-year additional limited parts
List Price ON AMAZON: $149.00 USD
New Price on Amazon $109.99 USD

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