GE Garbage Disposal GFC525V .5 Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposal Food Waste Disposer

GE GFC525V Garbage Disposal



The GE GFC525V is another testament to the company’s manufacturing prowess, providing a quiet, durable, and efficient grinding performance that will truly eliminate the tough bits of food that you would like to get rid of.


Energy efficiency4.9



General Electric (GE) really has a knack for creating products of at least decent quality. Which is why it’s not so surprising to know that they are so well-trusted by a lot of consumers. So if we are going to talk about garbage disposal units, we can’t avoid discussing a few of the offerings created by the company.

For example, if you’ve heard of GE’s GFC325V, you were probably already impressed by its fine shredding performance that turns food waste into mush. But wait until you hear about its older brother.

The GE GFC525V 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Disposal Food Waste Disposer is very similar to it, except this one is much stronger.

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This GFC525V Garbage Disposal works at almost the exact same caliber as thee GFC325V, except with a more powerful permanent magnet motor that boasts a 1/2 HP. If you think you’ll be using more power to grind up waste down the sink, you may want to opt for this heavy duty unit. This is perfect for if you think 1/3 HP just won’t cut it (literally) and you feel that you’re going to use the disposer on a daily basis.

Another thing that’s impressive is that if the GFC325V can reach a speed of 2,500 RPM, this one goes even further than that by performing at 2,800 RPM. This is based on an RPM test that measured the grinding action of GE products as well as other competing brands. Take note that some models can’t even reach 2,000 RPM.


This GFC525V makes use of galvanized steel instead of stainless, meaning it is not as durable, but can be tough.

This Garbage Disposal employs an array of additional features to further convince you that it is worth buying. The GFC525V includes a removable splash guard for easier cleaning, and a DrainBoost technology that helps clear up the sink.

It also has a rather large capacity that lets you say goodbye to more food waste faster. The powerful grinding action reduces it to smaller particles in no time.

Additionally, this is safe to use with septic systems as long as they have the proper size.



There are many reasons for this model, especially if you want a stronger but similar performance to the GFC325V. But as if its array of features weren’t enough, it also gives you an advanced insulation package that helps ensure a super quiet operation. It is not completely noiseless, but at least the motor sounds are a bit muffled. This is convenient for late night cooking sessions, where you don’t want to wake anyone up by trying to get rid of your food waste through the sink. This GFC525V won’t wake the family up.

It is a hardworking and easy-to-install unit that can easily transition into your home.

It doesn’t have a lot of downsides, except it is a bit more expensive than the GFC325V Disposer, at a price of almost $90 dollars.


  • Heavy duty 1/2 horsepower permanent magnet motor, with over 2800 RPM grinding action (based on RPM testing of cleared GE and competitive models)
  • EZ Mount installation with removable splash guard and stopper included
  • Large capacity with galvanized steel turntable
  • DrainBoost technology
  • Stainless steel, dual-swivel, anti-jam grinding blades
Brand: GE
Manufacturer: GE Retail Parts
List Price ON AMAZON: $109.00 USD
New Price on Amazon $85.62 USD

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