GE Garbage Disposal GFC1020V 1 Horsepower Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposall Food Waste Disposer




Smart homeowners know how to identify a good product when they see one. The GE GFC1020V is the sort of disposal unit that knows how to please all kinds of homeowners, and it’s all thanks to its wide variety of capabilities.


Energy efficiency3.9



If you are the kind of homeowner who analyzes every sort of detail about a product before buying it, then you must be familiar with the ways of identifying which ones are great for the price and which ones are not.

So when we talk about garbage disposal units, what kind of service do you think you can expect from something that is priced a little over $160 dollars?

Well, you can get a tough and durable one if you know how to pick the right unit. If we were to make a recommendation, that would be the GE Garbage Disposal GFC1020V 1 HP Deluxe Continuous Feed Disposall Food Waste Disposer. On this review we will show you the reasons why this is a great choice, especially for the smart homeowner who wants to make the most out of their hard-earned money.

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First things first, the name of this model says it all: it runs with a 1 HP permanent magnet motor and allows you to feed waste into it continuously.

That said, 1 HP is quite powerful for a machine that’s only supposed to handle food waste. It allows the unit to grind up even the harder bits of food that weaker models could not. This is perfect for regular usage, and for homes that serve big families.

The continuous feed function basically makes the whole process finish faster, because instead of having you wait for the grinding chamber to finish chewing up the waste, it lets you add more chunks into machine.

What’s even more impressive is that it reaches a speed of 3,500 RPM. This is a feat that not many disposers can boast of being capable of. In fact, not many units can even reach 2,000 RPM! This model gives you an incredible service by providing both speed and power at once.

From this alone, we begin to understand why it was named the “Disposall” – it lets you ‘dispose’ of it ‘all’.


This GE Garbage Disposal does not come with a lot of extra features, but it does have a few appealing factors that give it an edge.

The EZ Mount Installation lets you do the whole installation process on your own. It’s as simple as removing the old disposer and attaching this new one. Everything snaps and locks into place.

It comes with a removable splash guard and a stopper, which essentially makes it easier for you to clean the machine. If anything jams into the blades, you can safely remove it while the power is off. Not that the blades will easily jam on anything – the dual-swivel grinding blades are made of stainless steel and have an anti-jam feature.

GE Garbage Disposal also makes use of a sound reduction technology that does exactly that: it reduces noise.



This GE Garbage Disposal comes at a price of a little less $190 dollars (See below the current price for today: New price on Amazon), but it still gives you a great combination of durability, power and speed.

It also doesn’t have a lot of customer complaints, so that’s definitely a good sign.


  • Heavy duty 1 horsepower permanent magnet motor, with over 3500 RPM grinding action (based on RPM testing of cleared GE and competitive models)
  • EZ Mount installation with removable splash guard and stopper included
  • Super capacity with stainless turntable
  • DrainBoost technology, sound reduction technology
  • Stainless steel, dual-swivel, anti-jam grinding blades
Brand: GE
Manufacturer: GE Retail Parts
List Price ON AMAZON: $189.00 USD
New Price on Amazon $174.00 USD

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