Under 1/2 Hp Garbage Disposal

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Westbrass WM33S Food Waste Disposal

Westbrass WM33S 1/3 HP Food Waste Disposal

Normally, we couldn’t expect a long-lasting service from any product that comes at an entry level price. It’s just not the way these industries work. If you want a tough and durable performance, you have to pay higher, or else you’d get a product that would serve you for a […]

Premier Disposal 143053

Premier Disposal 143053 1/3 Horsepower Food Waste Disposer

So you’re the kind of homeowner who thinks he would need a decent garbage disposal unit every now and then, and don’t really plan on using it regularly. You have a waste bin anyway. Because of this, you don’t want to spend over $90 dollars for a disposer. The good […]

Ez-Flo 86702 Reviewer Image

EZ Disposal, Flo 86702 Kitchen Accessories Garbage Disposer

Let’s face it: more people choose garbage disposal units that have more than 1/2 HP because those have better coverage in terms of food items that can be grinded without jamming the machine. But this doesn’t mean models that have weaker power have nothing going for them. In fact, they […]

Emerson Garbage Disposal

Emerson Garbage Disposal Evergrind E101CORD Foodwaste Disposer

We spend a lot of money to optimize our kitchens. We want it stocked up on ingredients, as well as all the latest tools and appliances to make food preparation a breeze. So it’s no surprise that we sometimes need to go easy on the budget, especially since we have […]