EZ Disposal, Flo 86702 Kitchen Accessories Garbage Disposer

EZ-Flo 86702



For space-saving purposes, go with the EZ-Flo 86702. This is another demonstration that the models with weaker grinding power can make up for it in terms of other factors such as compactness, affordability, and overall efficiency.


Energy efficiency4.3



Let’s face it: more people choose garbage disposal units that have more than 1/2 HP because those have better coverage in terms of food items that can be grinded without jamming the machine. But this doesn’t mean models that have weaker power have nothing going for them. In fact, they are still a highly viable option. Some people choose disposers with 1/3 HP motors because they are generally more affordable. Some people don’t plan on using their disposers frequently. Some want models that are easy to install.

But another reason to try out the weaker units is because they are often much smaller in size, compared to the stronger grinding machines. This is the perfect way to save space, especially when you are a little tight on storage space.

Here we have a model that makes use of this size advantage to boost its appeal. It’s called the EZ Disposal 86702 Kitchen Accessories Garbage Disposer.

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It is a well-known fact that powerful disposers are also much larger in terms of size. This is because they use big grinding chambers to ‘grind’ up those pesky food chunks, leaving them in pieces small enough to go smoothly through your pipes.

Come to think of it, the size shouldn’t matter because it is going under the sink anyway. But if you get a small disposer such as the EZ Disposal, you will notice how convenient it is to have that much space to tuck away your other kitchen essentials. If you think your kitchen is messy, and you need somewhere to stash those currently unused tools and appliances, you should go for a small garbage disposal unit, such as this one.


Just because it has a small size and a weak 1/3 HP motor doesn’t mean it is one to be underestimated. First of all, the grinding components are all corrosion-resistant, meaning it wouldn’t break down even after months of use. This resistance provides added durability to give you more value for your money.

Next, the motor may not be the strongest one in the market, but it is vortex-powered. This assures an effective service that could easily suit your needs. This Ez-Flo 86702 Kitchen Accessories Garbage Disposer may be little, but it is durable enough to hold its own even when compared to other regular models.



Just like Insinkerator BADGER 1 , this EZ Disposal unit currently costs less than $80. This is great news for your wallet. Not only will it reduce the amount of space you have to clear up for the installation process, it will also reduce your expenses. It will give you the power to save money, thus allowing you to further improve your kitchen’s overall look.

If we were to point out a negative trait that this model has, that could be its noisiness. It is not absolutely silent, unlike the other ones on the market that can reduce the grinding noise to some extent. Nevertheless, this is a good model to consider.


  • Corrosion-resistant, grinding components
  • Vortex powered
  • 1/3 HP with pigtail
Brand: EZ-Flo
Manufacturer: Ez-Flo
List Price ON AMAZON: $83.56 USD
New Price on Amazon $62.50 USD

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