How Much Does it Cost to Replace Garbage Disposal?

Are you planning to get a new garbage disposal? How Much Does it Cost to Replace Garbage Disposal? Getting one for your household is a wise spending especially if you do not want to stress yourself in proper waste disposal. But in as much as garbage disposals can help you run your kitchen smoothly, it is also prone to problems. So if your old disposal is running into problems, it is not a good idea to keep on spending for repair costs. You might as well start searching for the best garbage disposal and replace the old one.

Cost to Replace Garbage Disposal: Different Types and Costs

Cost to Replace Garbage DisposalThe cost of having a garbage disposal would depend on a wide range of factors. For one, you have to take into consideration the type of garbage disposal that you want to buy and also the plumbing cost. Depending on your preference, you can choose between two types of garbage disposals: the one made from stainless steel and aluminum. Disposals made from aluminum are cheaper with costs ranging from $70 to $150. If you want a more durable unit that is not prone to corrosion or rust, you can go for a stainless steel disposal. The cost would also depend on the features of the disposal. If you want a more feature packed garbage disposal system, then you can expect a much higher price tag for it.

Cost to Replace Garbage Disposal: Removal and Installation

Unlike in installing a new garbage disposal, replacing an old one will entail additional cost since you have to include the cost of the plumber who will remove the old disposal. Make sure that you only hire a plumber who will charge per hour. If there is damage to the disposal system or in the connection site, it may time some time to remove the garbage disposal which only means as additional cost. The cost of installing a new disposal ranges from $210 to $255.

Adding Accessories

Once you have replaced the old one, you actually have the option if you want to upgrade your garbage disposal system. You may want to add these accessories for a smoother and efficient kitchen. For instance, you may want to add a treatment dispense. This is essential especially if your household has a septic tank. The cost of having a treatment dispenser is around $40. You may also want to add dishwater drain connectors which range from $9 to $11. Other accessories that you can add include push-button system where you can use the garbage disposal with just one switch. The cost is around $40.

Cost to Replace Garbage Disposal: Look for a Qualified Contractor

With the Cost to Replace Garbage Disposal that you have to pay, you have to make sure that it is done the right way. Look for a qualified contractor who knows exactly what to do and replace the old garbage disposal the right way. Ask your colleagues and friends if they can recommend someone. Ask for their estimates and compare your choices.