Are Garbage Disposal Units Universal?

When compared to other practices, using landfills is the most common method of disposing garbage. But this activity is known to be harmful for the environment. Did you know that it can cause a concentration of methane, a flammable greenhouse gas that presents dangers to our atmosphere? Not to mention landfill sites are not pretty, especially because mountains of trash are never a sight to behold.

Thankfully, there are alternatives that you can practice at home. On this article we will focus on one of them – particularly, the device that goes by the name of ‘garbage disposal units’. These handy machines – also known as garbage disposals or disposers – allow you to grind up all sorts of food waste so that it goes straight down your drainpipe and travels harmlessly into your city sewers.

Food grindThis is the kind of option people should consider getting, especially if their concern is to protect the environment. It is easily accessible, and anyone could buy their own garbage disposal units for an incredibly affordable price.

There are also some garbage disposal units that are more powerful, and can provide an even more effective way of grinding food waste. Of course, these come at a more expensive price.

Now the question is, are garbage disposal units universal?

Can you purchase a random garbage disposal unit and fit it right under your sink without encountering any problems? This is what we will answer on this handy guide. So that you will know what to look out for when purchasing your very own disposer.


To answer that main question, we will go directly to it: garbage disposal units, as good as they are for the environment, are not universal. So that means you can’t just pick any garbage disposal in the store and plug it right into your sink.

But the good news is, it is not that complicated either. In fact, there is a good chance that the garbage disposal units out there in the market will be compatible with your system right now. The only thing you should look out for is whether your system can handle them.

Sad to say, not all sinks are compatible with garbage disposal units. The modern ones are more likely to be, but it is always worth taking a look before spending a single dollar on a disposer.

If you are not sure whether your sink is ready for a garbage disposal unit, you can contact your local plumber and let him have a look. Or you can check your sink on your own. If you are lucky, you may find that it already has one. In this case you would only have to check whether it is still in working condition or not. If it is, then good; but if it’s no longer working, then you should buy a replacement.

Garbage Disposal

There are many different kinds of models out there, and they may come at a variety of sizes. Installing one would mean checking to see if you have enough space for it under your sink, because the powerful disposers are often larger.

But no matter what size, and no matter what method the disposer employs to connect to your sink, it should easily connect nonetheless.

Lastly, you should identify whether you are using a regular system or a septic system. Not all disposers are compatible with septic systems, while some are built specifically for it. Still there are some garbage disposal units that work for regular drain systems, but would also work with properly-sized septic systems. Plan your purchase accordingly.


There’s no reason to fear: garbage disposal units were made to be simple and easy to install. A lot of them are a matter of removing the old one and mounting the replacement.

Just remember that by going through the task of identifying whether your sink is compatible to your disposer you are already looking for a way to help the environment.

Once you get the BEST GARBAGE DISPOSAL installed, you will be that much closer to saving the planet.